At $WORK, they have a fairly generous PTO programme, part of which is a 30-day “Sabbatical” policy, every 3 years, in a use-it-or-lose-it manner. As I’m coming up on six years next August, I would lose my first one if I don’t use it, and as I was skirting quite close to burnout here and there this entire year, I decided fuck it I would use it just after Christmas to coincide with Duncan’s school holidays.

That time has now arrived, and I’m off as of today!

I started out by uninstalling Slack from my phone and turning off email sync… I’m under strict orders to unplug completely, in fact my boss’s exact words were something to the tune of “do it right or just don’t bother doing it at all”. They have my phone number for any “hey if you don’t come back now there won’t be a job to come back to” type situations, so I feel safe to do this unplugging.

But what to do? Life stuff has gotten in the way of doing anything more than playing video games and lounging around the house, but I guess I shouldn’t discount the effect of that rest on my work performance when I go back next month.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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