After almost five years, we’ve made it back to Montpelier.

We weren’t really ready to come back, but the visa for me to enter the US is time-sensitive so it was now or never. After a series of progressively less-lovely flights we landed at Indianapolis where Sabriena’s sister and her husband picked us up in a car laughably ill-prepared to carry our luggage.

We stopped at Jack in the Box on the way back here, because it’s been almost a decade since we ate there. Oh how our tastes have changed after our time in Australia! Everything seems so sweet here!

Made it back to Shaina’s house some time after dinner, and things have definitely improved for our family members here. Instead of an old house that was falling apart and terrible to heat, Shaina’s house is actually quite hot upstairs in winter due to a slightly malfunctioning hydronic heating system. After a good sleep, we met with everyone else.

Montpelier, IN, 47359 fwaggle



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Montpelier, IN, 47359

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