Second Christmas!

Mum, Dad, my sisters, and my sister’s kids came out today for “Second Christmas”, which Sabriena points out is actually our third, but to me that just seems greedy. We exchanged gifts for the kids, where Duncan finally got the Brainsaw he’d been asking for the whole time we were in the USA.

We apparently managed to track down, completely by accident, the “Monster High” doll Elly had been wanting for a while now, which worked out pretty good that it was just sitting on the shelf at Target waiting for us to buy. Unfortunately it was also at K-mart, for $3 cheaper, but for $3 I wasn’t about to go return it and buy a different one.

Cody, we weren’t sure what to buy, as he’s at a rather difficult age… but he just got a gaming laptop and a Steam account, so we figured we could do no wrong buying him a Steam gift card. It seems that EB are now selling the same ones Coles does, where they’re priced in AUD and you don’t actually get the face value in USD when you redeem it, but he had just enough for the game he wanted anyway so it worked out.

We had a pretty good lunch, where I ate far too much, and then sat around for a few hours before everyone went home.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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