House issues resolved

Several contractors came by today to fix various things wrong with the house, starting with the electrician to fix the light in the range hood and the fan switch in Duncan’s room. Again, most of this shit I could just live with but the property manager has to protect the landlord’s investment.

Next up the plumber came by to stop the toilet leaking and to fix the bathroom sink. He couldn’t fix the loose tap on the bathroom sink because the retaining nut is incorrectly sized. I’m not sure I care, if the landlord doesn’t.

Finally, the TV guy came to figure out which socket to put the power supply for the masthead amplifier. We have TV! With a good antenna and the masthead booster to prevent loss from the cable that runs all over the house, it’s a phenomenally good signal - it probably doesn’t hurt that Horsham is on the plains and the tower is only about 30KM from us.

I took a quick look to see if there were any DVRs that supported DLNA playback, and it looks like the Humax HDR-7500T would do the job - but at about $279 I’m not sure I’m that excited about watching shows to spend the money on it.

Horsham VIC 3400, Australia



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Horsham VIC 3400, Australia

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