Privacy Policy

In the spirit of the whole GDPR thing (and probably a bit late), here’s my privacy policy for this site.


This site produces no cookies of its own, the sole cookies created are part of Cloudflare’s proxy product and are necessary for it’s normal operation (apparently). I can’t turn those off, but you can, from your browser, as was intended - I won’t be upset, though you’ll probably have to pass a bot captcha every couple of pages.

You can read a bit more about Cloudflare’s GDPR stuff if you want more information, I guess.

Collected Information

Absolutely no information is deliberately collected by this website.

Cloudflare and myself will collect IP addresses, user agents, referers, and timestamps as part of the normal operation of a server. I cannot speak for Cloudflare, but mine are disposed of after 7 days for normal web logs. Attacks and others are kept longer.

The search feature is provided by Google, who will have their own set of creepy policies - if you’re at all concerned about privacy you probably don’t want to use that feature.