Off to Ballarat

Today we have to head out to Ballarat to organize getting a Medicare card so Duncan can get his checkups. We were meant to do it Tuesday, but like an idiot we got halfway there and I realized I’d forgotten to bring all the necessary paperwork - so we’re heading out to do it today.

Mum was talking to me yesterday about how she wants a “whirly-gig” for the attic in the pantry to bring down the summer temperatures a bit - there’s a big one on the house, but the attic isn’t connected to the top of the pantry, and one of the big ones would be a bit too much airflow for such a small area. She pointed out one on the roof of a camper on the back of a ute, and I suggested that if I’d wanted to buy something like that in the states I’d go to the local RV repair place.

Apparently there’s a caravan supplies place in Ballarat, so maybe if Duncan cooperates while driving we’ll look at picking one up out there too.

Ballarat, VIC



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Ballarat, VIC

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