Garage Storage: Sorted?

The shelving I arranged to buy earlier in the month arrived on Thursday. I’d had a couple of attempts to buy shelving, including from Bunnings (all their half-decent stuff was unavailable for delivery for some reason), and some used commercial stuff (which would have been great, but Dad was working and broke his Ford Territory, and since I don’t yet have a tow hitch on the VE Commodore I don’t have any way to get them). The stuff we bought is definitely on the cheaper side (it’s pretty thin-gauge metal), but it’ll certainly do the job - it’s better than the typical “garden shed” galvanized shelves, anyway.

The garage wall is about 6 meters on the outside, so a bit less than that on the inside. We have the inverters for the solar arrays on the wall towards the front, but leaving adequate clearances for them I have about 4 meters to play with. The shelves are just under 2 meters each, but we can share the center support and gain about another 10cm that way.

I had planned to drill some holes and anchor them to the wall, but drilling holes in the brick isn’t much fun and they’re fairly stable anyway so I just put them up for now. Shifting the pile of crap away from the wall and setting them up took the better part of Thursday and Friday evening, and then I spent saturday and Sunday moving things around. I finally set up the network rack… albeit I didn’t anchor it to the wall because I wasn’t happy with the multiple ways I tried and I was already fairly tired, so I just shifted the network stuff over to it and sat it on the shelf where the cables come in.

As I lack a second switch, I ran three ethernet cables over to the server rack. I also ran a power cable over to the network rack so everything in there is protected from power outages, but that’s the only part that’s coupled to the server rack, I can take the rest of it offline for service. We probably want a separate UPS for the network stuff as well, because I do like to blast the dust out of the UPS as well and don’t particularly fancy doing that while it’s online.

Speaking of service, I realized I haven’t dusted things in some time, and that’s not great because the garage is pretty dusty. So I took everything apart to dust everything too.

Finally, by the end of Sunday, I’ve got roughly half my office closet cleared out and shifted out to the garage where it’s supposed to be! Absolutely nothing is organized, but it’s up off the floor now and it’s easy enough to get to something if you can remember what box it’s in, so it’s an improvement for now.

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