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Well, what I was concerned about happened… they put the house we were renting at 2 Shirley St up for sale several months ago, and I just knew we’d end up having to move. I started making enquiries about getting a mortgage to buy a place - we could comfortably afford a fairly modest house in Horsham, but due to several factors we’re not a particularly desirable candidate: Sabriena doesn’t work outside the house at present, I’m a contractor, for a foreign company, who’s been doing it for less than two financial years, and we want a house outside the “desirable” zones. Both brokers I’d spoken to basically recommended waiting until after the financial year ends and I’ve filed taxes which would eliminate at least one of those factors.

Unfortunately, the place sold well before that happened. At first the new owner seemed great, she wasn’t interested in moving in immediately and would happily keep renting to us for one, possibly two years, which would suit us great - she even asked about whether we’d be interested in signing a lease!

However, mere days after the sale went unconditional, our property manager rang up and told us that plans had changed, and the owner would be serving us 60 days notice as required by law. Fuck!

Off to start looking around for places, only to learn that rent has gone up considerably in Horsham - our place which was once a tiny bit on the steep side (to the tune of about twenty bucks a week more than average) was now considerably below, and to find anything in the same sort of price range was going to result in a significant downgrade. We applied for a few places that looked OK, and got rejected from all of them (again, on paper we don’t look particularly desirable), until we finally found one through the same property manager, which they basically accepted our application immediately (we had to wait out the weekend).

Our rent’s gone up a bit (about 40%), but the new house is substantially nicer than the old one. It’s better laid out, it’s much newer, it’s warmer (particularly in my office!) and while the shed is a downgrade (no power out there, indeed no outdoor power at all!) there’s an outdoor living space that’s absolutely amazing.

So we signed the lease last week, got the keys on Friday, and moved everything in over the weekend. I have to work from 4G until NBN hook the new place up (it’s presently on ADSL, which my ISP can’t sell me access to in the meantime) but I can live with that. We still have a lot to unpack, and we have two weeks from Tuesday to clean the old place out, which I suspect will involve a fair few trips to the tip.

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