House: inspections complete

We heard back from both the pest and building inspectors today… both came back great, basically nothing to worry about whatsoever. Worst issues the building inspector found were some plaster patches that hadn’t been done super-well (who cares, we can fix that) and that the spider spray hadn’t been done in the attic in quite some time, it was positively infested apparently (that one’s not great news for Sabriena, but totally fixable).

After hearing about the spider infestation, I spoke to the pest inspector… they can do a whole house spray, inside and out. Some sort of dust (I suspect a similar product to Sevin, which I’m familiar with from our time in the USA) in the ceiling and a spray in the house proper. I checked and apparently the interior spray is pet-friendly. They only need a few hours (during which time we would not want to be in the house) and could do it on settlement day as soon as I have the keys… which would work out pretty good, as we’d be busy packing stuff in this place and not at the new place anyway.

Ben at our mortgage broker spoke to me yesterday: nothing official yet, but the valuation looks solid and he’s anticipating an approval sooner rather than later (possibly this week, most likely next week), but that remains the primary roadblock now. Apparently the issue is that the lenders score a number of criteria, with 1 being the best and 5 being the worst, and one of the criteria came back a 4.

This isn’t a deal breaker, but just means that the normal loan officer can’t approve it, and apparently it must go upstairs for someone senior to approve it… but apparently, given the nature of housing in Australia right now, this is actually super common and one of the main reasons mortgage applications are incredibly slow right now. Having said that, we’ve not been waiting terribly long, and if they get back to us this week I think that puts us at about 7 working days at worst, which is rather speedy in the current environment.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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