Dryer issues

It’s only been a few months since we replaced our washer and got a dryer and the dryer started making a bit of a squeak while operating.

On the 9th of October I rang up the shop we bought it from, and asked whether I should speak to them or the manufacturer… they said to speak to the manufacturer, who then had some trouble with their computer system (I tried avoiding the phone call and was unable to make an appointment via their site), before the operator rang me back realizing that they don’t actually have an in-house service center near me, and that the place I bought it from was the authorized repairer!

I mentioned that they said they needed a ticket to organize a repair, so the operator said she’d push one through. The service people rang this morning (while I was on a work call, so I had to call back after) and the guy came out really fast, had a few moments to listen to it and he was pretty sure it’s done a bearing in one of the fans. Nothing to do but take it away, and we’ll need to wait a few weeks for parts to come in. Bugger.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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