Debian on Duncan’s Compaq Presario C700

I got sick of the ancient Windows 7 install on Duncan’s laptop (which sits on a hard disk transplanted from our Acer Aspire that got drowned in Coffee, which probably isn’t helping), so I decided to try Debian on it.

It’s a Presario C700 and Debian seems to support it quite nicely. Most things worked quite well straight out the box - except I couldn’t seem to get WPA2-PSK working in the console installer. I rebooted in the graphical installer and for some reason it “just worked”, and has done ever since.

Audio, the trackpad and power management all seem to function as expected.

3D acceleration seems to work, judging by the dmesg, lspci and the installed drivers. Unfortunately though, glxgears only runs at about 60 FPS. Minecraft is only going at about 15 FPS, and for some reason full screen mode is worse than windowed mode.

So I’m not sure whether it’ll fulfill it’s intended use - a portable Minecraft machine - but it’s certainly very well supported by Linux.

For what it’s worth, I had considered putting FreeBSD on there as well - that configuration is apparently nowhere near as well. From what I was reading, the WiFi adaptor requires ndisgen and even that is pretty hit-and-miss.

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