Macbook fixed!

Ballooned batteries in my 2015 Macbook Pro

Well, the 2011 Macbook Pro has been working fine, modulo issues with sleep. I figured out how to turn it off (I only turned it off for “on battery”, whoops!) and since then no issues at all with it since.

But today, the technician came out from Viatek who I guess are a contractor for AppleCare? As advertised, he fixed my 2015 Macbook right at our kitchen table, and didn’t mind me taking a photo of the swollen batteries. I think it took him right around an hour, maybe more, I wasn’t really paying attention but I’m quite sure he spent longer on the road than he did actually working on it.

I got a new keyboard out of it too - it seems the entire top cover and battery comes as a single assembly, probably for ease of installing the batteries, I’m not sure. I didn’t really have any complaints with my keyboard, but maybe it’ll kick the can down the road a bit.

The question is, with less than four months left on my AppleCare, do I look at selling the thing as soon as the M1X is available, or do I just use it until the wheels fall off?

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