COVID test!

On Tuesday night, I started to feel pretty bloody miserable… my first “man flu” (read: common cold) in a while. However, we are in a pandemic, and I have just driven all over the place like a fool (though I did take precautions, naturally), so I decided that the next day I would go and get a test for COVID-19 if I still felt bad.

I made it through the work day, and set about looking to get a test. Duncan got his done over by the hospital, so ended up heading over there… closed! A lady out front told me they’re only open till 3, if I need one after that I have to head over to Lister House, which is where our GPs are - easy enough to find. The actual testing centre was in the old ABC shop next door to it.

Head over there and wasn’t sure what to do… it said to make an appointment at Lister House, but then the signs say not to enter Lister House if you have symptoms of COVID! So I stood outside and called, and after a bit got through, and they told me to just go in and sit down. One lady ahead of me, and after about 10 minutes I had a Q-tip up my nose and I was gone.

Home to self isolate, and looked up the rules. We have groceries to pick up Friday, and it’s Wednesday… I can’t very well do that if I’m in “iso”! It turns out for some reason those isolation rules don’t apply to asymptomatic household members… not sure I agree with that, but whatever, it’s the rules, I am not the state’s chief health officer.

Felt miserable on Thursday so I actually took half the day off, and didn’t get much done the other half either.

Anyway, as it turns out, I got a negative result (as expected) via SMS on Friday morning (at about 5:30, they must be crunching through them round-the-clock at the labs), so I was able to pick up the groceries anyway… wearing a mask naturally.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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