VDSL Trouble

This week we’ve had about four dropouts of our DSL. Nothing on the AussieBroadband status pages or discord, and when I check the status it’s actually the VDSL losing sync. So today after the third one in one day (what I understood to be the threshold for getting nbnco to actually do anything about it) I called up AussieBB’s support.

After waiting a bit to get through (maybe four or five minutes), they stuck a stability profile on the VDSL (required part of the troubleshooting) and I learned that the threshold has been raised to six dropouts in a 24 hour period. What the fuck? This shouldn’t be acceptable in a country as rich as ours!

Since then it’s dropped one more, but I suspect I’m not likely to meet the threshold. We lost ~5mbps off the upstream rate, but didn’t lose anything useful off the downstream (we lost ~10mbps but we’re throttled below that - from 60 to 50, and our plan is throttled at 50 - so we actually lose nothing).

I can see this is going to annoy me.

Edit 2021-03-05: So after having five outages on Friday, I rang up our RSP (AussieBroadband) again, and apparently NBN were doing maintenance in our area all week, so that may have explained the issues. After the maintenance finished Friday night, we’ve not had any issues since. I’ve left the stability profile in-tact so we’re still down about 4mbps on the upstream, but so far it hasn’t annoyed me at all since.

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