Desk upgrades: complete?

Finished?I got the center parts of the desk painted satisfactorily (not completely happy with them, but they’re OK), but the outside parts just weren’t taking the paint the way I’d liked and the project was getting old. Sabriena had a fair amount of frustration at being “downgraded” again, so we decided to just spring for some “Leggz” to finish the project out. So today, after the electrician was finished running wiring behind it, we took apart the old desks one final time and started assembling everything.

There’s still some more cable management to be done (edit: since completed, we used “cup hooks” under the bench tops, and short sections of velcro cable ties), the stickers need to come off the legs (since completed) and now of course Duncan’s need for a new office chair becomes immediately apparent, as does both of them having absolutely terrible keyboards, but we’ll have to let the budget recover a bit first.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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