Taxes: Done already

The end of the financial year is upon us, and rather than leaving it until the last minute, I decided to get in early and thus spent the morning doing taxes. I’m not due a refund or anything (in fact, I had to pay a small portion), but I’ve gotten myself into trouble leaving the taxes until the last minute before.

I’ve got to say, when it’s working (presumably multiple other people had the same idea I did) the ATO’s new system is a marked improvement on the old “e-tax 2015” system, which is a Windows-only application that is so dogshit slow I mistakenly believed it to be written in Java. One of the primary complaints that I had was that for self-employed and small business owners, when it asks you to enter your “business type” the search box is almost useless.

Other than that, and the breakage of the back button and re-opening closed tabs (seriously, if you go to the “print confirmation” page, close the tab, then re-open it, it’s blank no matter how many times you refresh), and the usual breakage on the ATO’s website (application errors and the generic “we have a problem” errors both), the entire thing was rather painless, and I do believe a good bit quicker than last year’s taxes.

Before that I got the BAS done as well, which went rather smoothly too. Hopefully this isn’t all a dream and when I wake up tomorrow I really will have done my taxes. To top it all off, one of my employers snuck a final payment in before the EOFY which was a nice surprise to wake up to in the ol’ bank account.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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