A new lounge room

Can you help me for a moment?

That’s how it started: Sabriena wanted to vacuum the dust off the ceiling fan and lacked the uhh… “vertical attribute” to do it by herself. Three hours later, we’re both exhausted having moved the furniture in the lounge room around.

The new layout, despite closing off the entry way from the lounge room (which I think is negated by it opening up the dining room instead), actually makes a lot more sense for winter because I’m generally speaking the person in the house with the highest body temperature, and my usual haunt was right next to the heater.

Now I’m furthest from it, with the TV next to it where the previous owners had it (the heater only seems to emit heat in a “cone” in front of it, so the TV should be safe), with Sabriena (who gets cold when the sun goes away) sitting closer. The entire problem would be solved if the house had a decent heater (if we owned the place, we’d replace the heater for sure), but that’s not really a solution, so this will have to do.

I just have no idea how we went from cleaning the fan, to a complete rearrangement.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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