A real wedding!

Sabriena and I never really had a wedding - we were kids, got hitched at the county courthouse for immigration purposes, but it didn’t really change our relationship at all. We got married on a family member’s birthday (literally the last business day before my visa were to expire), so we celebrate the date after.

We’ve also successfully avoided going to an actual wedding thus far, but when my cousin - with whom I was very close when we were kids - asked if we’d be a part of their wedding, we basically had to end that streak!

So the entire thing was a weekend full of firsts and filled with social awkwardness, simultaneous hyper-awareness and obliviousness, and huge amounts of stress, but we had a heap of fun. It was “no kids” - which I’d previously said we’d not go anywhere Duncan wasn’t invited, but again, we made an exception - so Duncan stayed at Mum and Dad’s and visited his cousin, which was probably a bonus.

The venue was pretty amazing, though I’ve no idea what the whole thing cost. I didn’t drink as much as I thought I would, due to exhaustion and social weirdness ended the night quite early.

On the way home, we stopped in at Krispy Kreme to thank Sabriena for coming along, which was pretty great. On the whole, a pretty nice weekend away!

Dixons Creek, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Dixons Creek, VIC, Australia

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