Bridge works on McCallums Creek

We’re currently back at my parent’s place, sorting out a few minor issues with our new vehicle before we head off again… hoping to make as much money as we can before the Christmas Hiatus.

Anyway, some guy showed up to dump a bunch of rock into the creek, which we knew nothing about. We ended up ringing around the local shire offices for a couple days before finding anyone that knew anything about it - it turns out it’s not part of the Watershed department .. it’s an “Engineering Services” job, part of a federal grant to rebuild after the floods that went through a while back.

Apparently they want to replace all the rocks that were around the foundations so that the creek water doesn’t wash away the soil around them and weaken the bridge structure. Once we figured out who they were and that they were definitely contracted by the shire, my parents were happy to let them use their land for access to the creek bridge.

Tonight we decided to walk down and check on the progress, because Duncan’s absolutely bat-shit for earth moving equipment and well… there was an “escamater” at his place and he wanted to see. I took the opportunity to play with the photo sphere thing on my phone, and photograph the progress as well:


Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia fwaggle



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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