Beanie and the Birthday Party

A couple weeks back, my sister invited us to my nephew’s birthday party, but I was pretty crook with something - “not covid”, but still pretty dodgy. Weather caused it to be put off twice, and it rolled around to this weekend, we didn’t really have a good excuse not to make the trip (it’s a really long way for us these days), so we went.

It was at the Eureka park in Ballarat. We were half-expecting to turn up, stay for ten minutes, then drive home (two hours each way). The reason? We can’t leave Beanie at home alone for that long, but she doesn’t do super well with lots of people or strange animals, and at the park we were likely to encounter both. But you do these things for family…

It turned out she surprised us - we edged closer to the group, then having to move away when people with zero spatial awareness boxed us in with other dogs, but after about an hour and a half we were sitting down with everyone, and Beanie actually played with my cousin’s pug, “Boston” (I think that’s his name).

Sabriena’s efforts at managing Beanie’s reactivity and overstimulation are paying dividends, finally! We stayed the entire three hours before heading home, and the poor dog was beat, but it turned out to be a really good day out.

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Ballarat, VIC, Australia

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