I forked MumbleReader

I went ahead and forked Pimmitje’s MumbleReader project, grabbing only the client-side bits - as I think having the two in one project complicates things for prospective users of it, at least coming from my users whom won’t need the server-side PHP bits. I hosted it on GitHub, since I have all my other stuff there ¬†and it’s a familiar interface.

I made a few changes, but not enough to warrant the change in name, so I ended up just calling the GitHub project “MumbleReader.js”. I’d like to think that as an example implementation of CVP, my changes make it a lot easier for those familiar with HTML to mix it into their own website - but then again I’m not exactly looking at the code with fresh eyes.

I did get to play with my first experience with GitHub’s “Pages” feature, which is actually quite nice once you get the hang of it. Having some sort of revision control on web pages is actually a sane and simple solution if your needs aren’t great.

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Red Lion, VIC

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