Duncan’s School: Parents forum

This morning we were invited to a “Parents’ Forum” at Duncan’s school. Apparently every few months they invite a small group of random parents and ask them different questions and discuss what the school can do better, and we were one lucky group of parents.

There wasn’t much there that interested us, as we’re in general pretty happy with Duncan’s school. But one particular exchange blew me away: the discussion of male teachers. Note that other than the school principal, I was the only male there - these were all the opinions of mothers. I’m all for encouraging male teachers, as I think a well rounded student comes from a diverse range of teachers.

The overwhelming consensus in the room, shared by apparently everyone except Sabriena and I (and perhaps the principal, he didn’t comment) was that it was great when the only male teacher was hired, because before that some of the boys in the school thought they could walk all over the teachers because they were all women.

What the fuck?

That’s not a school issue, that’s shitty parenting. That’s from saying shit like “you wait until your Dad gets home”, and from not instilling common human respect in your kids before they reach school age. If your kid can’t respect teachers unless there’s an adult male present, that’s on you.

It’s about the shittiest reason to advocate for more male teachers I’ve ever heard.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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