Talbot Swap Meet

It’s a long weekend (4 days, for Duncan!) this weekend so I decided on Saturday to take Duncan out to my parents’ place so he could hang out with his cousins for a while. We went yard saling and then had his appointment to apply for his Australian passport (a child passport is substantially a smoother process than an adult one, for what that’s worth) then we left right after lunch.

His cousins stopped by and I soft-modded Cody’s Wii for him, we ate dinner then went to bed. I heard on the radio on the way that the swap meet was on at Talbot, just down the road from my parents’ place, so Dad, Duncan and I went to have a look at that this morning.

It was five bucks each to get in, and they charged us for Duncan which I thought was a bit weird, but didn’t question it. We wandered around a while, it was arranged in multiple concentric ovals with a grid in the middle of the football ground. Duncan was complaining about being tired not very far into the process, except when we got near a stall that was selling bacon sandwiches where his complaint turned to hunger for the duration of the time we were near it, then it was back to tired. This process repeated twice.

I did spot a $5 widescreen LCD, which seemed a steal considering I was going to spend about $60 on one used on Gumtree. I asked if there was anything wrong with it, they said nothing, so I took a gamble. Duncan bought a couple of toy guns from the same vendor and we continued looking.

I noted when I bought it that it only came with a VGA cord, but after looking at it when I moved it to a different arm because it was heavy, I noticed it has a DVI port. I remembered seeing a DVI cable, so we went back and picked that up for a buck as well, while Duncan got another toy gun.

We got back to Mum and Dad’s place and I checked the monitor out, and it’s a rather nice one. 1440x900 resolution, with built-in speakers and it works very well. There’s one tiny scratch on the front of it, barely noticeable. Duncan is really happy, as the 4:3 thing doesn’t suit him well because of something to do with the Minecraft UI (he’s explained it to me, the details escape me).

I originally went hoping to find video game stuff, but there was only one vendor with video game stuff, he knew what he had ($180 for a Super NES - I’m not really interested or rich enough to pay full market value for “retro” stuff), and another guy selling XBox/PS3 games but were mostly shit sports titles I had no interest in at $15 each.

So we had lunch, then headed home.

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