Data loss, again!

A bit over a week ago, I built another machine for Sabriena, and we decided to swap some disks around a bit. We’d use her 250GB SSD (previously in my desktop) for the boot disk for her desktop, and I’d get my 500GB SSD back because I dual boot and that way I can run Linux off an SSD also. We’d need a disk to put back in her laptop, but that’s okay a spinner disk doesn’t cost much these days. “But let’s kill two birds with one stone,” I thought… if I bought a slightly larger hard drive, we could replace the 500GB in the PS4 and stop having to worry about the sizes of games installed (PROTIP: it’s a lot). So along with all the parts, I bought a 2.5” 2TB drive.

When it arrived (I really should have done it sooner), I went to back everything on the PS4 up, and found that the PS4 won’t read the NTFS partition our external hard drive is formatted as. While looking around a bit, I remembered we have a “Playstation Plus” account which comes with the free backup bullshit. Verified that this was the case, and awesome, so I swapped the disks out, downloaded the OS files and put them on a small thumb drive, and then off we went with the building.

This morning, Duncan realized a crucial error in that process… because I’m the Playstation Plus account holder, only my stuff is backed up to the cloud. All his Minecraft maps and so on all got deleted. Fuck!

In retrospect, it’s not entirely surprising, though it does bring up a curious question. In a household that does, as Sony wishes, use the PS4 equally, do folks really buy three, four, five PS+ subscriptions? All the other benefits of PS+ go across to other accounts on the same system, it seems interesting that this one feature doesn’t.

Either way, lesson learned - if you don’t back it up, you don’t care about it. I guess I should probably start teaching Duncan about the process of backing up things you care about.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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