Mini-Christmas party for Duncan

My darling wife Sabriena’s favourite holiday is, without a doubt, Christmas, and for the last few years she’s enjoyed a small tradition of us decorating gingerbread houses in the lead-up. Being something of an over-achiever in things she’s passionate about, she’s taken to making them from-scratch due to the really piss-poor quality of gingerbread house kits in Australia.

A couple weeks ago, she then decided to invite a couple of Duncan’s friends over so that they could do them as well, so this lunatic spent all week in the kitchen scratch-making six Gingerbread houses, and then all of this morning making the icing (again, from scratch).

Oh, and then since the houses are made of “construction gingerbread” which is much too hard to eat, she decided at the last possible minute (due to needing it to chill for a couple hours) to make gingerbread cookies as well.

Not wanting to make a huge mess on the carpet, and lacking anywhere else for such an activity, we decided to put the car on the driveway, and set up a trestle table in the garage to decorate them. It took a couple of hours all up, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

After that we were going to drop the kids off at their homes after some time, but for the lack of anything for them to do in the mean time they ended up deciding to play Super Smash Bros on the Switch, which seemed to be enjoyed by all.

Once everyone was sent home with their houses, I decided to make chicken kebabs for dinner since Sabriena was so tired from being in the kitchen all day.

Overall, it was a really good weekend, but between this and the log4j2 RCE (CVE-2021-44228) we’re pretty exhausted.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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