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Last week sometime, Sabriena and I spent some time researching fridges and ended up buying a new one - there’s nothing wrong with the old one, except for the fact that when we first moved to Horsham we bought the absolute cheapest fridge we could find that was a reasonable size (it’s an LG GN-422FW, or 422L, and others in it’s price range were around the 200~300L mark, much too small for us at the time).

But even the size of that one has become an issue, where we frequently end up with too much stuff for the freezer and have to adjust our weekly meal plans to accomodate eating things before they go bad in the fridge. And the fridge itself? What a pain in the arse it is - the shelves are simultaneously too big and too small, and when Sabriena wants to bake bread and the dough has to sit in the fridge, it’s quite an operation to arrange things so it’ll fit.

But modulo size and layout issues, we’re very happy with the LG unit, so we decided to go with theirs again. We wandered through Betta Electrical and Harvey Norman (though I’m of the opinion that unless there’s absolutely nowhere else and we’re desperate, we would not buy from the latter), and decided that we don’t really need any of the fancy shit like see-through doors, touch screens and shit. We also don’t really need an ice-maker either, though I was basically expecting to be stuck with one for the size of fridge we’re looking for, and was already thinking about how much it’d cost to have a plumber come out and run a cold water line to it.

We also decided that we’d really like the french-door style, just because of how easy it is to store things in them, the side-by-side freezers in the size we were looking at left a bit to be desired in terms of useful freezer space. Color? I didn’t really care, but Sabriena liked the matte black stuff in the showroom. Regarding the ice-maker, it turned out not only could we get one without it, but we get more door space and save quite a bit by doing without it, so great! One less thing to break on it!

So we ended up opting for an LG GF-B730MBL, but it was on back-order and they weren’t exactly sure how long it’d take to get here, but that’s not a concern for us, nothing wrong with our current fridge! The cost is pretty expensive, but we figured we got nearly 10 years out of the other one and it’s not dead at all, so over the long run this one should be fairly cost effective.

Anyway, it turned up on Friday afternoon and after waiting a few hours for it to come down to temperature we were able to load everything into it. It looked fairly empty compared to the old fridge, but that’s why we bought it right?

First impressions: I’m a little worried about the little mechanical flap that slides around from the left-hand door. It’s purpose is so that you can shut the french doors in either order, without having a bar in the middle (so if you want to put say, a great big turkey platter in it it won’t be in the way)… it just looks like the sort of thing that might break on us, but we’ll see. The salesperson did say he thought it’d come with the shelves that were adjustable depth, and it didn’t, but that’s not really a worry at all we can just remove one side of one shelf if we need to put something tall in it.

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