Clermont. The mind boggles at how a town wins a tidy town award with a piano stuffed up a gum tree, but there it is… Apparently it’s a replica of a real piano that was stuck up in a tree after a flood almost 100 years ago.

We originally only stopped for fuel and a pit stop, but we ended up making lunch at a small park by the river since we didn’t have to be in Emerald for a few more hours (and it’s only an hour or so’s driving). It was at this point that Sabriena decided to dispose of some of the stale bread we had by donating it to the local wildlife (a terrible habit that builds dependencies, I know).

Shortly thereafter, an extremely-tame (or possibly just brave) Kookaburra came in for his fair share, marking Sabriena’s second up-close-and-personal experience with iconic Australian wildlife.

Clermont QLD 4721, Australia



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Clermont QLD 4721, Australia

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