Heater: Malfunction

This morning, while I was just getting started at work and Sabriena was just leaving for a run, the heater kicked on and started making a funny noise. At this point I noticed there wasn’t any air coming out the duct in my office, and when I checked it wasn’t coming out any of them.

I theorized that similar to last time, part of the interior lining of the duct had collapsed, and begun blocking the duct. Stuck my head up in the manhole, and it’s blowing a gale through the gaps in the side of the cabinet, so I shut it off and tried to ring Wades.

It took a few goes to get through, but they took my details down and said they’d schedule someone to come out, and after a couple of hours, two of their plumbers showed up and had a look at it. They ended up replacing one entire section of the ductwork, and described exactly what had happened last time (last time was only in a smaller section of the ductwork, taking out two rooms, this one took out everything).

I should probably figure out how long the warranty is on this stuff, because I suspect sooner or later this is going to start costing us money. Hopefully it holds out long enough for us to get it replaced though (still a few years out).

Update: 2023-07-26: Yeah, they sent me an invoice. Not too bad, about a hundred bucks, but I’m guessing that means the warranty on the installation is over. I’ll ask ’em about it before I pay it, but yup.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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