Duncan is Eight!

Mario Cake

Duncan turned 8 today, but in a weird turn of events was invited to someone else’s birthday party today. So while we were in doing our weekly grocery shop, we ducked into K-mart to buy Michael a present, then it was home for about 45 minutes of preparation before it was time for him to be off. While he was there, we decorated the house a bit, wrapped his present, and so on.

He came home with another friend, Lincoln, who had previously arranged to stay the night. Pizza for dinner, playing with the new Lego set he got (#31066 - Space Shuttle Explorer), which he’d been eyeing for some time. then cake sometime after and a late bedtime.

A while back he’d asked for a “Donut Plains” cake, as we’d recently been playing Super Mario World again. Unfortunately, we had a ton of shit going on this week, so we punted on the cake and bought one, then stuck a Mario Amiibo on it with some candles (see left). It wasn’t terribly good, but I sure didn’t feel up to making a cake and neither did Sabriena - maybe next year.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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