New shoes? Nope! :(

Of all the stupid, mundane minutiae I write about on here purely for my own benefit, one of the more infuriating subjects that I’ve consistently failed to record is shoes. This is always annoying, because I quite often have shoes that don’t last as long as I think they should, or last way longer, and having a record of when I bought them would be really useful.

Last week, I stepped out onto the wet cement after the rain to take the garbage out and felt a partially wet sock. Yep, as they’re wont to do, my skate shoes have worn through at about the ball of my foot. When did I buy these? No idea, but I distinctly remember thinking that they’ll be wearing out soon and I should “try just make it through this winter” last July, so I think I’ve done fairly well. They’re Globe Tilts in Black/Red/White and a size 13, which I’m pretty sure I’ve had before as well (though in a different colour).

I really like these shoes, they’re comfortable, and they wear fairly well - it’s only been about the last two months that the soles have collapsed in them, and I think these might be going on three years old now? That’s a fairly good run from skate shoes, which are hilariously poor wearing, but I’m only forty I don’t need to be a fucking grown up yet.

So we went and had a look at the local shops, because where possible I try buy locally because living in a town with a deserted CBD really kinda sucks, but they didn’t have anything that immediately jumped out at me. In particular, looking on the web, I quite liked the DC Court Graffik in “Turkish Coffee”, and they had free shipping so I went ahead and ordered a pair.

These arrived today, and it turned out I’d made a terrible mistake by forgetting that DCs sizes run small, and in those I actually need a US14 to wrap my clown-feet in (a US13 in Globes is perfect). I wore them for about 20 minutes and it’s now several hours later and my toes still hurt. Luckily I appear to have free returns on them, but in the mean time I still need a pair of shoes.

Update: After work (well, between, as I have meetings tonight so clocked off early), Duncan and I went out… him so he could get a Roblox card, but me so I could get shoes. Visiting the local skate shop again I found a pair of Globe Tilts in Black/Black/Alloy that I liked, they were about the same price as I’d pay online, so fuck it… then when I got to the checkout, they’re 20% off, so I’m actually in front and I didn’t have to wait for shipping (though I do have to wait for the return shipping to process to get my money back on those).

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