Mum and Jess organized some time ago for us to come out on Easter. We’re not religious in the slightest, but up until just before Grandma died it was common for everyone even remotely related to that section of our family tree to meet up in Bayles, and later Bunyip on Good Friday.

I’m behind on taking PTO off at work (Sabbatical notwithstanding, but that’s counted separate), so I took the Friday off and we headed out there.

Some absolutely shit weather on the drive out, but it mostly cooperated once we arrived. Had a good time, great lunch, ate way too much. Sabriena and I got to meet the piglets, who are decidedly not anymore… at close to six foot long they’re proper hogs now. Beanie was terribly happy to meet them, until one of them squealed and she noped out pretty smartly. She was much more comfortable hanging out with my sister’s dogs instead, as both of them were smaller than her.

We were concerned she’d take off into the dam, which Jess tells me has something in it that leaves the dogs reeking of fish when they come out, but no issues there. She did however manage to find a small outdoor bath with some rainwater in it to make herself comfortable.

The drive home was utterly uneventful - last time we were out there we were dodging floods so we went along to Stawell and up, this time we decided we’d take the shorter way and just follow the Wimmera Highway all the way. Unfortunately, we didn’t accept a coffee before leaving, the station at St Arnaud was closed for Easter, and there’s literally nothing else along the way. The few small towns dotted along the Wimmera are all much too small to support something open on Easter, so I was desperate for a coffee by the time we got home.

Bed time couldn’t get here soon enough, for any of us.

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Inglewood, VIC, Australia

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