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It’s not time for another sabbatical yet, but it’s suspiciously close to last year’s that it’s interesting… I’m taking some time off in January and ended up spending that time working on projects around the house.

The long and short of it is $WORK needed me to burn some time off, because I’ve accrued an uncomfortable amount and they need me to get rid of some of it. So they asked in December if I would be able to take any in January, and I said sure, and took almost two weeks off (leaving time in the middle to attend our weekly team meetings).

Anyway, I decided I wanted to finally get done with the other side of the bar wall… finishing up the “mud nook” (what Sabriena has decided will be called the “drop zone” because it’s where you leave things like shoes, leashes, etc when you come home), getting some shelving installed, and possibly moving my shiny new-to-me home theatre receiver out here… not sure yet.

Sabriena also decided to do something: paint our bedroom. I helped a little with the prep work, and I patched the hole where the intercom was, but she wanted it to be her project (I have a terrible habit of taking over, and then she’s left playing assistant) so I mostly left her to it. Our bed is out in the living room, which has thoroughly confused the dog, but we’re managing. It shouldn’t be more than another couple of days before we can think about moving the furniture back in.

The color she decided on? It’s “Boston Ivy” in Taubman’s Endure Matt. Why is it not “Matte”? Hell if I know, but it’s “Matt” apparently. It’s going to look great with some plants and some new (yet to be purchased, or even looked at) in there, and she’s even now thinking that she mightn’t hate the gold light fixtures on the wall. Interesting.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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