Finally my ringtones are back…

I neglected to grab the ringtones off my desktop the last time we were down there, and we haven’t been down there for weeks now. The lack of attention-getting tones is really making using my phone a pain, so today I cracked it and went in search of the same ringtones I originally downloaded.

I adore my Super Mario World ringtones. The SNES era was really my “golden era” of gaming, I think… I got my NES very late, so while I’m technically old enough to have roots in the NES era, I was too busy dicking around with the Commodore 64 instead. So SNES is where it’s at for me, and I decided to grab a bunch of sound rips from it.

With the tunes in hand (most are in .wav format), I fired up Audacity. You see people with cheap phones have had it right (sort of) all along: the purpose of a ringtone isn’t to sound stereo-good, it’s to get your attention. Since the ringer on my Galaxy Nexus seems a shade¬†anaemic¬†(not as bad as the Droid X mind, but still not loud enough), and Android apparently still has no reliable way to make notifications repeat (Missed Reminder app is no longer available in the play store and none of the others work for me), I get one shot for my phone to grab my attention and that’s it.

That’s where Audacity comes in. Using the “Amplify” effect, I allow clipping and keep sliding the gain up until it starts to sound like shit on my laptop’s speakers. If I wanted to get really freaky I could use a compressor as well, to bring up the quiet parts, but I don’t think that’s necessary… letting “Amplify” overdrive by 1 or 2 dB gain is quite an astounding difference of volume, and it means my phone’s usually loud enough to wake me up if it needs to.

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Mackay QLD 4740, Australia

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