Frenzal Rhomb and the Zoo

Acting upon plans we made a few weeks back, Sabriena and I left Duncan at Mum and Dad’s and headed down to Frankston (a place I have childhood memories of wiping my feet on the way out) to catch a band from my teenage years, Frenzal Rhomb, who were playing at the Pelly Bar. We stayed in a motel because it’s a few hundred KM each way, and by the time we got there (the Monash was, as usual, completely fucked, even though it was Saturday afternoon). It was fairly late, so we ended up not having dinner which in retrospect was a giant mistake.

Off to look around town, and “old Frango” certainly looks like it’s… well, almost gentrified? It didn’t look anything like the hellhole I remembered (though maybe memory is playing tricks on me). We wandered around the beach for a while until the doors opened for the show, and caught the opening acts. Jay and Linsday from Frenzal were in the tiny crowd (I didn’t recognize the latter!) which was kind of awesome, Sabriena was literally standing next to the guitarist from one of my favourite bands as a kid!

After the openers it was time for the main event, and I couldn’t have asked for a better show… there was only about one or two songs I wish’d they’d played, they took almost no breaks (played for something like an hour? 20+ songs!) and it ended right on midnight. Unfortunately due to skipping dinner we were famished, so out the door immediately to find something to eat. We passed McDonald’s on the walk down from the motel, so on the way back it seemed like they’d do as they were one of the few places open after midnight.

Walked in and ahh, here’s the Frankston I remember… the place looked like a bomb went off, clearly the care factor was pretty low. We got some food into us, then back to the motel for a few hours sleep. Sabriena had a brilliant idea of getting up early for a sunrise run, and I told her I’d go too, so we only had about five hours’ sleep when it was time to get up. After a shower then a feed - the motel had a buffet breakfast which was excellent - we headed out to pick Duncan up.

We felt bad about ditching him for the Saturday, so we decided to take him into the Ballarat Wildlife Park, a sort-of small zoo where the Kangaroos free-roam and you can pet/feed them. Had a great afternoon, and made it home in time to get a good night’s sleep before work again tomorrow.

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Frankston, VIC, Australia

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