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In to sook at the property manager again this afternoon.

We complained before we left to the USA about the broken window (it looks like the foundation has shifted and caused the window frame to not be a rectangle anymore) and the security door on the kitchen falling off the hinges, and neither has been fixed yet. More pressingly, the sunshade on the front of the house has come loose again and I was concerned about the wind ripping it off, so I didn’t want to wait until our inspection to complain about these things, so I thought I’d complain about everything at once.

After thinking for a while though, I started to wonder if maybe the reason the window was never fixed was because we told them it wasn’t super important - it was summer after all when we reported it, and it’s not like it’s an eyesore or anything. I was definitely hoping they’d have fixed the security door by now though.

My other concerns were:

  • That the tyres left at the back fence were ammended on to the condition report - I shouldn’t have to pay to dispose of a bunch of tyres just because they weren’t visible during the report, and I shouldn’t have had to check under each and every plant for contraband.
  • The window
  • The security door
  • The sun shade
  • The heater is making a terrible noise again

I also asked if the electrician whom I’d spoken to a while back about running an ethernet cable to the back of the house could give me a quote on doing it now, as this wifi bridge is suboptimal.

Update: After contacting Kerry, and them not having any record of the conversation about the tyres, I decided to write a letter spelling out everything. I mentioned the above, as well as:

  • The shed wall coming apart from the frame
  • The TV antenna stopped working
  • Nails along the fence loosening
  • The block of cement the plumber left next to the fence
  • The dining room ceiling drooping

Fortunately, prior to me handing the letter to her on the day of inspection, they’d had a handyman come by and fix the security door and the blind, and a plumber came by to service the heater, so at least our primary complaints got fixed. Now I have a written record of notifying them of things too, which I’ll have to do from now on.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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