Immigration Physical - Redo

It’s almost time to finalize our application for an immigrant visa to the USA. We’re not even sure that’s what we want any more, but we’ve sunk so much money into it it seems like a waste to just drop it - plus with the visa snafus from last time (I’m concerned that a very uncharitable interpretation would consider me to have overstayed my visa by 13 years) I would have to go through all the same rigmarole for a visit, so we might as well go through with it.

So I rang up a few weeks ago to organize an update to my medical (which is only valid for 6 months) and it turned out that the only doctor in Victoria who is allowed to perform them isn’t at the Port Melbourne clinic where I got it done last time. He’s moved to Toorak.

Ooh, fancy.

Unfortunately it’s a good bit further from us, but fortunately it’s not that much longer because it’s mostly freeway to get there. My appointment today was for 12pm, which worked out pretty good as we’d be in (and hopefully out of) the city without hitting peak traffic.

We arrived, found somewhere to park (the ol’ Commodore being rather self-conscious about being parked in such close proximity to a Lamborghini!) and started the paperwork. The wait was quite long, and they were extremely disorganized… but apparently this was quite literally his first day at the new clinic, so I suppose that’s to be expected. Everything checked out, blood test, two more autism-jabs (one of which is making my arm ache something fierce) and then off to another location for a chest X-ray.

All told it was about $600 - I seem to recall that being about a hundred bucks more than last time, but I suppose he’s gotta pay for that Toorak rent somehow.

Got most of the way home without incident, but noticed when we stopped for a very late lunch that it looks like the steering alignment is fucked on the Commodore. It pulls quite a bit for some reason, and we’re scrubbing out the outside edge on the driver’s tyre, so I’ll have to address that.

Turned the radio on at about Ararat, where we learned of another fatality on the Western Highway, which shut the highway and caused everyone to be diverted around. And when they say around, they mean it - so many flooded out roads that are closed meant the detour probably added a good half hour to our return trip.

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Toorak, VIC, Australia

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