Diablo IV!

I got an email last week that the open beta for Diablo IV was coming this weekend, so I went ahead and downloaded it on Friday, because my cousin Rodney and I spent a lot of time with the original back in the day.

We started out hitting it hard on Friday night, and continued through most of the weekend. Sunday, thinking it was the end of the beta, we ended up staying up until after midnight, despite the fact it was a work night.

This ended up being unfortunate, because I was paged at ten to six Monday morning, something that almost never happens these days, but it did mean I didn’t get a lot of sleep.

Then Monday, after work, I was hanging out on Snowrunner when Rodney messaged asking why I wasn’t still on - it turned out we had the rest of Monday left, as it stopped at midnight, US Pacific time! Unfortunately, further mistakes were made and I spent Monday night up until 11:30pm playing it as well, but we did finish out the first Act.

Thoughts? I really enjoyed it, but in retrospect I think the difficulty is lacking - I only noticed this after someone else brought it up. We basically never died, I think Rodney bit off more than he could chew with his Barbarian once or twice, and we got wiped completely at the world boss that we were about 7 levels too low for (I am quite sure the group had a bit of help from a GM to kill it, because it was not looking great and then a few minutes to spare before the timer ran out it started melting).

But the story is significantly improved over Diablo III, the combat felt pretty satisfying, and the classes are pretty interesting (though I’m quite sure the Necromancer is going to be wildly popular).

I don’t think I’ll preorder it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying it.

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