Hello, Hyper-V

A few days ago I noticed that, once again, a Windows 10 update has killed VirtualBox. What a fucking joke this is. I get that I’m on the insider track (I wish I wasn’t, as I’ve not had any time to work on Mumble at all, but unfortunately there’s no way back without a reinstall), but I’m not on the fastest track and it just seems silly that this is an on-going thing.

Frankly, were it not for a few more things that I still can’t do on an open source OS, I’d have ditched Windows a while ago. Unfortunately, I have some commercial software I’m not finished reverse engineering… and the license for it, which I’m using as a moral excuse to RE it, is so shitty that I can’t even reinstall without buying it again - I’m pretty sure that’s not a sane license and that I could probably get my money back with help from the Australian government, but I feel the net benefit to the community on the whole is if I eat the fifty bucks and can open source much of the features of it.

So instead of telling Microsoft to go fuck themselves, I’m giving them what they presumably want - using Hyper-V for my VMs instead. I tried VMware player, but couldn’t get it to behave, so Hyper-V it is. Converting the disks was easy enough with sufficient disk space:

"c:\program files\oracle\virtualbox\vboxmanage.exe" clonehd pingu.vdi pingu.vhd --format vhd

Starting the VM with the correct disk image was trivial too - the only thing is that the vertical screen resolution of the VM is larger than my physical display, but I can sort that out another day.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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