Ugh, Moniker… again!

Once again, we reach the time of year where I want to renew all our domains again so I don’t forget about them and let them expire, and once again I’m troubled by Moniker’s absolutely appalling website (not new any more, so no excuse).

I selected all my domains, picked bulk renewal from the dropdown, clicked the go button… nothing. I’m prepared for this, because I remembered that last year they’d email me the invoice. Nothing! I waited approximately 20 minutes, and still nothing. I click into “invoices” and the only thing showing up was a cancelled invoice for the last domain I added, which they’d automatically generated a renewal invoice for it (but none of the others), but since I’d asked to renew all the others they’d cancelled this invoice.

After clicking around for a few minutes, I noticed that despite the fact I only clicked “invoices” there was a filter on the invoices page, and when I cleared that the invoice showed up. Helpfully though, they still didn’t email me anything.

I did get a payment receipt from them after I made the payment, which is nice… but why the hell aren’t I receiving invoices, and why is their website still so bloody awful?

Peter on IRC recommended as a replacement registrar, and I may just have to go through with that. Google Domains was also mentioned, and I do have an account (and a US billing address I can use), but they don’t support one of the TLDs I’m using.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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