Adelaide again, BP trouble

As it turns out we’ve got four more trips still to do in Adelaide after easter, so back out there again for more work. Last night I put fuel in at the BP in Wingfield, SA, hoping to catch a shower immediately after. It hadn’t clicked before I put the fuel in, however, that there was a massive line of drivers inside. Turns out their EFTPOS machines were down (nationwide apparently?), and I’d already put fuel in and was carrying nothing but a credit card.

My first thought was to simply use the supplied ATM - but I didn’t particularly feel like paying cash advance fees when it wasn’t my bank that stuffed up (I’d also point out that I’d not have put the fuel in if the “cash only” sign was outside on the pump!), so I just decided to stand in line and wait my turn for them to manually process the transaction. This would be the second time in about 15 years that I’ve seen the “clunk clunk” device for processing credit cards.

After filling out the requisite paperwork, they called through to get authorization from NAB for the charge… and NAB refused. I’m not entirely sure why - apart from the heinous, disgusting crime of paying no interest most months I’m pretty much a model credit card customer. I charge frequently, all over the place, and never have a problem. I use chip+pin at every available opportunity and avoid PayPass whenever possible.

After 40 minutes they ended up simply photocopying my license and taking a phone number and letting me leave, but it was still a massive exercise in frustration.

Back in tonight, and the manager ended up managing to run the card earlier in the day, so it’s all sorted. Tried to ring NAB cardholder services at about 7:30 AEST, but I don’t know my phone banking password and can’t talk to someone otherwise outside of business hours, so I’ll have to investigate it later.

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Adelaide, SA, Australia

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