New Toy: Wii U!

Mario Maker! Finally!I’ve been chasing a Wii U for a while now, mainly for Duncan to play Super Mario Maker, but also because I’m a huge nerd and like collecting videogame consoles. I narrowly missed one last year that was ridiculously cheap, but since then I’ve not found one anywhere near my pain threshold, which is about a hundred bucks for the system.

Sabriena pointed out on Saturday that EB Games were having a sale on their ebay shop, 20% off all pre-owned stuff, and that put their Wii U premium consoles at about $130 shipped… so I slept on it. After some pondering, I decided to order it and have it “pick up from store”, which is free, so it was around $120 all up, I can live with that. We picked it up Sunday around lunch time, along with a copy of Smash and… it won’t read the disc. Considering the state the console arrived in (utterly filthy), I just assumed this one had slipped through their not-terribly-rigorous refurbishment process without a proper inspection and took it back.

The second one was substantially cleaner, but exhibited the same symptoms, so I took the game back. Unfortunately they didn’t have another pre-owned copy of Smash, so I swapped it for Windwaker HD instead, and that worked.

Regrettably, I took the first console back before properly investigating things… because I’d bound my Nintendo Network ID to it, I couldn’t re-add the account on my second console (presumably to limit piracy). Their suggestion is to use an SD card to transfer the profile, that would have been helpful to learn before I’d factory reset the first console and taken it back! After searching around online, found a phone number for Nintendo and resolved to call them on Monday.

Update 2018-08-13: Called Nintendo on Monday, they picked up super-quick after about three options on their phone menu. Didn’t even get all the way through explaining the problem before the guy knew what I wanted, and after providing a bunch of security information and the serial number of the second console he put through the transfer request, and within about an hour I was able to add the NNID to the console again… so when I get another copy of Smash I gather I’ll be able to play it online.

Update 2018-08-19: Super Mario Maker showed up later this week, and I neglected to mention Smash showed up Wednesday. I haven’t managed to play anyone online (not sure if it’s a server issue, an issue with my router/firewall, or my console is banned), but both games work flawlessly. I don’t think I’ll buy much else unless it’s something I really can’t get on the Switch, and as long as I don’t pay too much for it (or I buy it somewhere like EB where I can trivially return it, though their WiiU selection is dwindling).

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