SwiftKey Flow Beta

SinceSwiftKey Flow is in open beta, I thought I’d download it and give it a shot. I’ve always liked Swype, but lately it’s been a bit of a pig.

I bought SwiftKey 3 on the last sale, and while the prediction is absolutely fantastic I still missed swiping to type. Then Android 4.2 came along and I gave the new keyboard a shot. It still has a few things that it doesn’t do as nicely as Swype, and the prediction (while better than Swype, can’t hold a candle to SwiftKey) still left a bit to be desired.

Flow is quite nice though, albeit a bit of a laggy pig at times (I’m starting to wonder if it’s an issue with third party keyboards?) and it’s still missing the intuitive entry of apostrophe-based contractions that Swype has. It also doesn’t seem to handle entering specific words that have a similar gesture to more common words - on Swype you could simply alter the gesture a little bit, putting a pointy “tick” on a specific letter to get the message across. SwiftKey seems to dutifully ignore the shape of the gesture, opting instead to solely guess based on predictions and what letters the gesture touched.

I’m not sure if I need to buy it again or if buyers of 3 will be licensed for Flow already, but I’m pretty excited to see where they go with it. A few minor tweaks and Flow will pretty much combine everything I like about each keyboard.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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