Visiting Grandma

A few weeks ago we’d planned to take Duncan to Lego Land in Chadstone, and we figured we’d go down and visit Grandma while we’re down that side of the city. I then found out a few days ago that she’d been in hospital, which was unfortunate as I believe it was even further from the city, but luckily they released her on Thursday.

We took Duncan off school for the friday so that he’d have a day to recover for next week, and headed straight down to Bunyip. The drive down was fairly uneventful, but very slow around Dandenong area on the Monash… someone in a truck had run up the arse of a couple of cars on the other side and naturally everyone on our side had to stop and look, and I think it added about 45 minutes to our trip.

In to see Grandma, who clearly wasn’t feeling to well so we didn’t stay long, about 30 minutes in total, but it was a fairly good visit considering her condition. Afterwards, we headed back to Oakleigh to spend the night. After checking in to the motel, we took a walk over to Chadstone center for the evening to take a look around, before having dinner at Taco Bill’s which was amazing.

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Bunyip, VIC, Australia

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