Update WordPress Plugins… profit!

So the original author of WP-Flickr-Manager hasn’t had time to update the plugin to work with 2.8, so some enterprising young soul decided to fix it. Hooray!

I tried doing it myself, but I lacked the time to really pour over why it didn’t work – I’m absolutely terrible at jQuery and my Javascript knowledge is limited to the DHTML stuff of about a decade ago.

What’s the problem? The problem is the updated version inserts unsolicited links under your images for SEO purposes. To fix this, open up js/media-panel.php and navigate to about line #152, you’re looking for a line something along the lines of echo "imgHTML+='<div style="\">", comment it out by putting a pound sign in front of it and the unsolicited links won’t appear.

“SEO” Assholes.

Update: Commenting that line prevents the SEO links from showing up under your photos, however your blog will still connect out to their server to see what links they want you to “sponsor”, so I took the liberty of doing a full “diff” between their version and TGardner’s – basically the new version of jQuery just wants there to be no @s in some of the queries.

You can download an entire, clean 2.8.1 compatible copy here: REDACTED

Or if you’re interested, here’s the .diff (you can apply it with “patch” if you have shell access) with changes:


Update #2: If you re-download the zip above, the “insert photoset” feature works as well, thanks to 1ayah on the WordPress forums for pointing that out. I also tried updating the .diff so that people could patch it themselves, but for some reason the latest change won’t apply with “patch” cleanly, so you’ll have to resolve the failed hunk by yourself. :(

Update #3: As Triseult at the WordPress forums pointed out, my package of the plugin also broke the javascript viewer (“lightbox”), which is now fixed in the downloadable plugin above.

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