No kitchen light!

This morning, I went to turn the kitchen light on and… nothing.

Drat, it’s a fluro tube, and it’s labelled 36W/840, and that’s about all I know about it. So I took some photos of the label, and the measurements of it and headed off to HammerBarn at about 8am, since they’re supposedly open at 7am. We forgot that it’s ANZAC Day, and found the place deserted, so trundled off home.

This afternoon, back out (after checking their website for holiday hours, where they apparently do open at 7am today!) and it was open as normal. We could only find a two-pack, but at $10AUD that’s not a lot so we bought it. Interestingly, the 840 seems to convert to Lumens, but I’m not sure how, it seems to be a nonsense model number. But whatever, we got two of the exact same one, and a spare in case it blows again. I’ve stashed the spare (and the burnt out one, which I marked with a marker, and put in the same box, so as to punt on the issue of disposing of it for now) in the laundry closet for safe keeping.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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