Unifi Doorbell: Speaker crackly/distorted

We’ve not had our Unifi G4 Doorbell Pro thing terribly long, but the other day when Sabriena was messing with it I noticed that the speaker built-in on it sounded dreadful. Very quiet, very crackly, like the speaker itself was physically damaged.

Since sending it back was going to be a pain, I went to have a look last night to see what potential solutions there could be. The vast majority of explanations offered were:

  • Wifi signal is bad. These seemed to be talking about when the app is talking through the speaker, so I think the fact that even pressing the button the chime sounds dreadful excludes this as an explanation. Besides, it’s cabled!
  • Not enough power, replace the transformer - ours is the PoE model, so that’s not it.
  • It’s your Mobile App - again, the chime sounds like shit too.

Then buried at the bottom of a Reddit thread about this came a surprisingly easy suggestion: reboot it!

I cannot express my combined annoyance and relief that this resolved it. God damn it.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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