Back in Gippsland for the day

Work saw me down at Stony Creek today, so I decided to stop in and see Grandma on the way home and ended up bullshitting with her for about two hours before I decided I ought to try and get on the other side of Melbourne before I fall asleep.

We talked a bit about the family history project Dad and I are working on (with help from others), and mentioned that she probably has photos of my great grandfather’s farm at Bass, which I’ll have to get her to dig out next time I’m down there for a reasonable amount of time so we can scan it and put it on the site.

She also mentioned that she might be able to find out more information about it by ringing up friends, and she managed to later on… but I also found a group in Bass that deals with Genealogy and History, so I wrote them an email as well to see if anyone can help.

Bayles VIC, Australia



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Bayles VIC, Australia

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