New Toy: 24RU Rack!

New Rack!This weekend I headed out to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for my cousin’s bachelor party, as he’s getting married very shortly. On the way out, I arranged to pick up a half-height rack for next to nothing (I think I paid somewhere around the value of the scrap metal), being that Tullamarine was just a few minutes off the ring road on my way over there.

It’s a Dell PowerEdge Rack 2410, fairly solid but it’s on castors so who cares. It looked in cosmetically great shape before I put it in my car, but I managed to scratch one side of it doing so. I laid it over in the back of the Commodore, and tied it to the tow bar with some tie-down straps to prevent it coming forward in the event of an accident. In the process, I managed to pull the trailer plug lead forward and unplug my right rear indicator, but that was trivial to fix. Putting my overnight bag behind it to stop it sliding back and breaking the windscreen and I was satisfied I was “safe enough” to travel with it, so on my way.

The seller indicated that it was a freebie when he ordered a server (I honestly didn’t know they did that), and that it had never been used, but inspecting it more closely I strongly suspect that’s bullshit, as there’s one or two captive nuts in the vertical rails, and there’s a few scratches here and there, and the smaller of the three doors on the rear is missing. It suits my purposes fine though, I would have preferred something in a 12 to 18RU size, but finding those in an 850mm depth so as to accomodate my server proved near-impossible.

After a quiet weekend (a room full of mostly nerds, it wasn’t likely to get super-crazy) that included a distillery tour (they make whiskey in Australia, who knew?), I headed back home and unloaded it. I lack rails and other hardware, but I’m able to make it work for the time being and things will improve as I go… buying shelves, nuts, bolts, and cable management stuff is going to cost significantly more than the rack did! The rails required for my R510 will be more expensive again, so I might look at alternative arrangements (possibly just a shelf to sit it on).

Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia fwaggle



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Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia

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