Amplifier for Sabriena

Sabriena’s much-belated birthday (or possibly rather-early Anniversary) gift arrived today: a Fender Champion 20 practice amplifier. If the bloody courier were 5 minutes later I could have hidden it from her while she went out to collect Duncan from school, but alas AusPost were on time (as they tend to be here, for some reason - I don’t have near the complaints many people do about AusPost and StarTrack that others do). Unfortunately, we had to wait till after I got off work to collect a lead for it, as I neglected to buy one, so out to the local music shop to pick one up.

It’s not a bad little amplifier for the price, though I think the effects are awkward to use (pretty much all being centered on a single knob, and the LED is much too bright to read the accompanying labels in anything but direct daylight). It sounds well enough, is a neat little package and didn’t cost too much.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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