Duncan’s Passport(s)

We had to have Duncan skip a day of school, and pile into the car to head down to the US Consulate General in Melbourne in order to renew his passport - apparently minors can only renew their passports in person. The drive down was uneventful, though somehow we screwed up the clock: our appointment was two hours later than my physical in Toorak, we for some reason only left about an hour later, and arrived well and truly early despite stopping for two breaks.

We sat and played Pokemon for nearly an hour before they called us in, and after skating through security Sabriena realized we’d forgotten the self-addressed envelope. Turns out that’s a pretty common thing, they had the address of the nearest post office all ready to go.

The whole process went very fast, significantly faster than the drive down and back (about 600km round trip).

St Kilda, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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St Kilda, VIC, Australia

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